It is joyful to see more and more moments of understanding and calm

Ali and ChiliReading Jan Fennell’s “The Dog Listener” I suddenly felt like I was reading about my own dog, Chili, and the issues I was seeing with her. It made so much sense to me and I began applying the method at home. I could see a difference in no time and so I began studying with Jan and also her son, business partner and Dog Listener, Tony Knight. As I became more and more involved, Chili was more and more relaxed and showing behaviours I was so happy with and not the behaviours that worried me.

Jan Fennel logoI was invited to study and apply to become one of the team and I am so thrilled to have been able to achieve this. All JF International Dog Listeners are constantly appraised and moderated to ensure consistent quality and I am extremely grateful to my awesome clients because it is down to their feedback that I am now London’s Highly Recommended Dog Listener. Find me on Jan Fennell’s website by clicking here.

A few years ago, my husband, Chili and I welcomed an emaciated, traumatised 10 year old boxer into our pretty orderly home and then… WHAM! My ‘advanced skills’ teacher had arrived. Kenny had had a tough life and showed all sorts of anxiety-related behaviours – he was a handful to put it mildly but the tiny moments of understanding and calm we began to see were truly joyful. These moments became more frequent and finally became his new normal. The three and a half years we had together were life enriching, bringing us all many new experiences.  My “continuing professional development” is now being managed by intelligent, funny and audacious Ludo, a rescue from Romania who has the softest white head, but whose early life was full of change and confusion. I work closely with some of Home Counties Boxer Welfare’s and Saving Balkan Boxer Dogs’ most challenging cases, and it is an absolute honour and my pleasure to work with them and other dog welfare associations.

Finally about me, in the same way beautiful, cheeky Chili dog changed my life by taking me to this calming dog listening way of life, heart-breaker Kenny brought me to Reiki. Reiki is an incredible healing therapy that I now practice professionally on humans and animals. This gentle and relaxing therapy now also influences the work I do with dogs and can be used in addition to coaching dog listening to humans.  Reiki certainly helped me offer peace and healing to Ludo when he came to us last year.