Sometimes we walk as a pack, sometimes we walk in a pair, and as you know, sometimes we don’t even go! But what is important to me without fail is kindly, patiently teaching solid boundaries that will last and that also feed into Ludo’s general behaviour and happiness in life. Simply, force-free and gadget-free.

Teaching Ludo how to walk as well as Chili does on the lead is not always linear and, honestly… is not proving speedy LOL. It doesn’t take much to distract this young cheeky chops, and sometimes busy London with it’s boxer-loving-celebrities-who-want-Ludo-to-jump-up-on-them does not make peaceful, focussed walks easy!

Fortunately, we have a tool! And that tool is called Stop Start Change Direction. If you lose control of your dog at any point whilst walking, get SSCDing. It might take you longer than in this vid, it might take you less time, you might have less space, or more, the neighbours might think you’re mad. Doesn’t matter. Breathe, relax, don’t talk. Done properly it’s like a walking meditation and your dog will get zen with you once more.


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