Want to find out if I can help you?

For a consultation lasting approximately 3-4 hours, followed by as many coaching phone calls or emails as you require (for the lifetime of the dog) I charge £315.00* and I require a 50% deposit to secure a booking.

To see if I can help you, please call me on 07971 837916 and we can have a good chat through your situation, work out whether or not I’m the right Dog Listener for you and maybe even get you started with some homework!

I live and work in West London and Sussex and as long as I can arrange for someone to feed the dogs, I’m happy to discuss travel to your house if you live outside of these areas. If I really can’t get to you or we are not the right fit for each other, please click here to find a Jan Fennell approved dog listener local to you.

Add Ons:

Accompanied walk £57

(this will include the preparation for the walk and leaving the house so we wouldn’t book this until there is a good level of calm communication within the home)

Revisit £57/hr

(rarely necessary but available when required)


For Reiki, I charge £37 for a local dog session and ask that you have first spoken to your vet if the issue concerns something medical. But please call to chat about this.

* If you have difficulties paying the full price, please get in touch and we will sort something out.