I have a better understanding of my own dog, a stronger bond, and I can read other dog behaviour which in London’s busy parks is essential

Under the ‘Languages Spoken’ section on my Curriculum Vitae I list fluent English, French, Spanish, Dog and a bit of Italian. So it’s clear I enjoy communicating with my fellow humans and after discovering this way to communicate so wonderfully and effectively with my canine buddies it seemed like the right thing to do to call my business ‘Speak Dog with Ali’.

I have an established personal fitness training* business based in West London and my life passions have always been health, fitness… and dogs. I was the one who got up the earliest to walk the dog before school, I took care of the feeding and obviously a lot of playing. I always knew that the dog should not be the ‘boss’ of the relationship but sometimes wondered if she really understood and believed it to be true too…!

Reading Jan Fennell’s first book “The Dog Listener” I suddenly felt like I was reading about my own dog, Chili, and the issues we were seeing with her. It made so much sense to me and I began applying the method at home. I could see a difference in no time and so I began studying with Jan and also her son, business partner and Dog Listener, Tony Knight. As I became more and more involved, Chili was more and more relaxed and showing behaviours that I wanted and not the behaviours that I didn’t. I was invited to study and apply to become one of the team of Jan Fennell International Dog Listeners and I am so thrilled to have been able to achieve this. All JFI Dog Listeners are constantly appraised and moderated to ensure consistent quality across the team.

Not only do I have a better understanding of my own dog, and a stronger bond, but I can read other dog behaviour much better as Chili and I are out and about, enabling me to keep her safe and under control, which in London’s busy parks is essential.

If I can pass this knowledge on to other owners and families who need a little help to improve their relationship with their well-loved family pet, then I will be delighted do so.

JanFennellAs a Dog Listener, I take part in a strict on-going quality control system that safeguards both you and your dogs. It enables me to offer exceptional, on-going assistance to everyone who puts their trust in me. To verify my qualifications, find me on Jan Fennell’s website by clicking here.

* If this is of interest to you please click here to be taken to my other website.