Yes, Reiki really works on animals too!

Reiki is an incredible alternative therapy for animals and since I’ve been practicing I’ve experienced results, among others, such as pain relief, less destructive behaviour and a dog beginning to eat again after a few days off his food and all sorts of vet visits.

It’s absolutely fascinating how a dog will “show” me where he or she would like the Reiki directed (through the treatment I get very warm hands which at the very least is wonderfully relaxing for many dogs).

Reiki is not diagnostic and in no way replaces your regular vet treatments, but it can absolutely be used alongside any treatment and very much help with any side effects to necessary medication.

I am a member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and trained with world leading reiki teacher and author, Kathleen Prasad whose methods are so respectful and gentle.  Sitting and meditating with an animal in shelter is very peaceful and offers comfort to distressed animals – they get to choose how close to me they rest. And reiki in shelter can also be a very non-threatening way for me to begin to understand them and work with them if they are having problems coping or being rehomed.

If you’d like to know more you can head to my dedicated website, or simply email me.

When it comes to anxiety-related behavioural issues in a family dog, my approach is to first ‘treat’ the human guardians by teaching them Dog Listening and then secondly to use Reiki. Please contact me to discuss a combined approach, or simply for Reiki.