A happier owner enjoying a happier and more relaxed dog – this is the best reward

It seems to have worked. We’ve been spending 30-45 mins zigzagging 50yds up our local side street. Our neighbours must wonder what on earth we’re up to. Poor Keith is knackered with all the bending round posts, cars, in and out of traffic, stopping starting etc and Izzy daren’t go ahead as the penny seems to have dropped she’s not the one making the decisions. Hallelujah!!! Tonight Chris took them out, saw other dogs, not a peep. Now I know it’s always two steps forward one step back but at least it shows us it can be done!
My dog is classed as a Pit Bull Type and as such comes under Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Bouncer has been through a court process to be added to the Index of Exempted Dogs which is maintained by the Animal Welfare section of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This means that Bouncer must be muzzled and on a lead at all times in public places.

It is very possible for Bouncer and me to be prejudiced against due to the way he looks and having to wear a muzzle. Some trainers I have contacted have either not been interested or felt he was a lost cause. Some do not answer my messages when they learn his background. Ali however had no hesitation in working with Bouncer! She has congratulated me on my determination to give him a good life and with the methods that she has taught me, he is developing more and more into a happy and relaxed dog and I am growing more confident every day. Ali has also relieved me of the pressure I was feeling that Bouncer must be walked 2-3 times a day and that we can just play ball in the garden. However, we did manage to go for a short walk on Saturday. Bouncer didn’t make it for home (as I make the decisions nowadays!). This short walk was the first time he has been calm enough to go out with me for a long time. Ali has really made a difference to our lives!

I just can’t wait to tell you the amazing news. We just went on a walk and it was perfect! We saw cats, Daisy started to pull, I said thank you and we walked away… before, she would have gone nuts. This is a very big positive change. Then the most amazing news ever… they both stayed on their beds all night and there were no wees and poos to wake up to. We can also now leave them alone in the house during the day for up to two hours with NO problems! I can’t tell you how happy that has made us. Thank you so much for being there for us again, we really do appreciate all the help and advice. You are an angel to us.
Thank you so much for all your energy and input. As you said, it has been hard to change our ways but we have made a conscious effort. Having been somewhat sceptical, you completely sold us and we are so grateful. We’re really able to look forward with renewed hope – and that’s down to your nurturing.
Boys have behaved impeccably so far – and we have plans in place for the weekend to give them the best chance of a relaxing few days! Thank you from Scarborough!
I contacted Ali as I needed some help with my two year old dachshund, Reggie. Although on the whole he is a well-behaved family dog, his barking was out of control and driving us mad. Ali suggested we watch The Dog Listener DVD, as a family, so we could understand the theory, before meeting with her. We immediately could see how it made sense and Ali tailored her suggestions into a plan that would fit in with the whole family. These are now incorporated into our daily routines and Reggie’s barking has been greatly reduced! Ali made it clear that she would be there for us throughout the ’ups and downs’ and she has been in contact throughout. I would highly recommend her services to any dog owner who feels they need to ’Speak Dog’!
Ali, all I want to do now is recommend you to everyone I see struggling with their dogs to thank you for helping Tessa and I so much. I can’t believe how far we’ve come and it was within the year that we achieved Pets as Therapy dog status which is so wonderful. Thank you, Ali.
Mowgli is coming on so well and I’m delighted that we met when we did as it has had a huge influence on how we treat him and in return how he behaves.
We found Olive in the streets of Crete looking forlorn and worse for wear this year and brought her over three months ago. Ali has been involved in her training from day one and this has contributed enormously to Olive’s great progress. Thanks to Ali’s guidance Olive has been very well behaved in the house and is making great progress outside too. This method of training has proven to produce results.
After losing my beloved Boxer last year, I now have a rescue Boxer… who I must admit came with a few problems! She suffered from separation anxiety as a result of being in kennels twice over, plus several different foster homes… as a result, she did a wee on the carpet every time I left her on her own. Plus, she would keep jumping up at me with excitement whenever I reappeared… So with the guidance and help from Ali, over only a few weeks really, we were able to overcome these problems. She no longer jumps up at me at all… she still runs around like a looney, which I ignore, of course! But the main thing is her separation anxiety is much improved so we have overcome the weeing too, following a great deal of time and patience training her to be calm and relaxed in her crate with door open, and then with closed door when I go out for a while. I would never have overcome these problems without the help of Ali, and cannot believe what a difference it has made to my life.
I know it takes time but he is already coming on in leaps and bounds! Walking is so much easier which we attribute to giving him the two week non-walking break. We went to Hyde Park two days ago for the first time and he coped really well. I let him off the lead for a run around and he came back to me – yay! He is so much more confident and happy. Thanks for everything.
Before we started with Ali, our Boxer boys were dreadfully hard to walk, pulling all the time. The younger one appeared to onlookers as though he was ’out of control’, jumping, barking and pulling. He would do this to such an extent that he would flip himself over backwards and land on his back! In the home, they would jump onto our laps when we were relaxing, without invitation. Being large dogs, this was a bit too much! Without doubt, the overall result and best thing about the dog listening process his a more comfortable home environment and we can also relax when we are out and about. No more stress for us or our boys! Working with Ali has been a thoroughly enjoyable, educational and rewarding time. We now consider her to be a real friend.
The best thing about having new rules and training for Bobby – he loves a cuddle for much longer now!