A simple way for both dog and owner to communicate in a way that both can understand

I coach dog owners and their families how to communicate more effectively with their canine companion. Unlike human languages based on words, I will coach you how to communicate with your dog through intention, body language, patient teaching and positive reinforcement. In doing so we will be able to guide the behaviour of your dog to suit your chosen needs.

The method I coach, called Amichien Bonding®, is the established, highly successful and kind way of working with the nature of the dog to achieve the desired behaviours and responses in our day to day lives. Once applied, it is a simple way for both dog and owner to communicate in a way that both can really understand.

PublicationsAmichien Bonding® was developed by British dog expert Jan Fennell who discovered a natural way of communicating with dogs that promotes calmness and a willingness to cooperate with humans. She has since become internationally renowned and has written several best selling books including “The Dog Listener”. The method was established through Jan’s extensive experience showing and breeding her own dogs, to behaviour and obedience, through her study of wolves and other wild dogs, and hugely inspired by her friendship with Monty Roberts, the American horseman responsible for groundbreaking methods in communicating naturally, and without violence, with horses.

The fundamental message of the method is that we help our dogs to find their place within our family ‘packs’ and we encourage them to elect us as leaders of their own free will. When a dog feels he is no longer fully responsible for his family he can begin to relax and the unwanted behaviours you have seen will begin to disappear. In the wild, the hierarchy of the wolf pack is constantly reinforced through the use of highly ritualised behaviour. This method allows us, the owners, to imitate this by giving calm and consistent signals to the dogs every day.

After a consultation you can expect to come away with a four part plan of action which will inspire more confidence in yourself, in your dog and your dog’s confidence in you. You will have discovered and taken the first steps towards a wonderful new relationship with your dog, and I will offer you my support, information, and further guidance for the lifetime of your dog.

I can help you with dog biting, separation anxiety, dog aggression, dog barking, chewing furniture, jumping up, canine aggression, bicycle chasers and tail chasing. Amichien Bonding® works for any non-medical canine behaviour problem because it treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

What I don’t do

If you are looking for a ‘traditional dog trainer’, or the use of dominance or force, pain, shouting, or expensive gadgets… Someone who will promise a quick fix to your problem… Then honestly, I’m not for you.